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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Diamond Workers Step Forward for Funding Books !

Firstly, I would like to thank all those who have been constantly supporting our vision, helping us by all means realize our dream and for their never tiring efforts in making this ideology take shape.

·We are delighted with the gesture shown by some Diamond workers living in Bapunagar Area, the eastern part of Ahmedabad. If you read newspapers regularly then you can really understand the kind of financial problems faced by these people. There are six people currently, who have shown their interest to “Fund Books for 1 Student for 1 Year”. When we promote this idea, we mean to say that, we would be giving Rs. 2000 to the student to purchase his/her syllabus books.

·Some of Point10Solutions personal contacts and friends from Chennai, Goa, and Pune also would be “Funding Books” for engineering students from Gujarat, just to spread the message to the Society.

·Ideally we would be funding the books from next Semester which starts from June/July. Most of the students that we would select would be from 3rd Semester GTU (Gujrat Technological University). Because it would be the first 3rd SEM batch of GTU. So whatever the subjects/books they need, same would be needed (for atleast another 4-5 years) for their juniors as well.

·Our target is to fund books for 1000 students, as of now we are in a position to Fund books for atleast 100 students.

·Selection of students will be based on their Economic condition, Faculties recommendation, their willingness to be part of our ideology to proactively help others etc.

·Also we would mention the details of Young Professionals (who are willing to proactively help/guide students as and when required). So students can have easy direct access to industry professionals to seek any kind of guidance/help.

Please provide your critical feedback/suggestions to improve on our projects. We look forward to your inputs.

Best Regards
Point10Solutions Team

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