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Friday, June 26, 2009

Books10Solutions - Implementation Plan !

The Books10Solutions Project implementation plan has been taking shape and we expect to put it to full use soon enough.

(a) To begin with the Point10Solultions Team would select 10 students each from the following 10 engineering colleges from Gujarat:

L.D. College of Engineering, Ahmedabad
Ahmedabad Institute of Technology, Ognaj-Gota, Ahmedabad
Indus Institute of Technology and Engineering , Rancharda, Ahmedabad
Nirma University , Ahmedabad
Ganpat University, Ahmedabad
Government Engineering College, Chandkheda, Gandhinagar
Charotar Institute of Technology, Changa, Dist. Anand
DDIT , Nadiad
Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, Vasad
Faculty of Engineering and Technology, M S University, Baroda

(b) Ideally most of the students that we would be selecting would be from the 3rd Semester GTU (Gujarat Technological University). Because it would be the first 3rd semester batch of GTU, whatever books they need, same would be needed (for at least another 4-5 years) for their juniors as well.

(c) We have already appointed Point10 Consultants in these colleges (mainly 7th Sem students), who will help us to identify the right students and will carry our ideology into their respective campuses.

(d) Selection of students will be done based on their economic condition, faculty recommendation, their willingness to be part of our ideology to proactively help others etc. We would also personally talk/meet with the students to select the needy scholars.

(e) Selection of students will begin from the 1st week of July, which will be completed by 15th July. We would be doing a bulk purchase of the books in the last week of July for all the students who have been shortlisted. Bulk Purchase will help us get a better discount from Book Shop!

(f) Selected students will be appointed as Point10 Consultants, for the management of Books. We will also request the universities/colleges libraries for the management of the books given to students.

(g) We will be personally monitoring these shortlisted students who are getting the benefit from this project and make sure that our ideology is being carried further through the colleges.

(h) Our aim is to build a proactive Eco-system. We would be paying regular visits to the engineering colleges for Mentorship programs. In this program we would be mentioning the details of Young Professionals (who are willing to proactively help/guide students as and when required) of Books10 project. So students can have easy direct access to industry professionals to seek any kind of guidance/help. We will hold programming competitions, public speaking competitions in the colleges just to help improve skills of students.

(i) We have already done the market research to make sure which books are required as per the syllabus in different engineering colleges.

You can check the current list of contributors @
Click Here

Again, we thank all for an overwhleming response and keeping us motivated in this task. Further, we look forward to more participation in order to promote our vision.

Best Regards
Point10Solutions Team