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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Books10Solutions !

The aim and the dream behind the Books10Solutions portal of Point10Solultions portfolio, is to solely help, fund and aid needy students by extending a helping hand for them to move a step further in life.

This portal is not meant for any lucrative business ideas, but to motivate students to come forward, be a part of this dream, and help Point10 to perform as a medium through which needy students can shine and excel in their endeavors of further studies.

The team at Point10Solutions is not looking for great money transfers, but is looking for pro-active help and support to realize these efforts and give a message to the society about stepping forward and helping others.

The mantra is quite simple - We want to encourage people to come forward and help one student by funding his/her books for 1 year. The maximum cost for that would be Rs. 5000 which is not a big amount for all those who don’t think twice before spending lot of bucks for expensive items and sometime unnecessary things. For people who are into all kinds of businesses, jobs and other activities, this 5000 Rs (which is the maximum amount) will surely not be a question to ponder upon. We expect a large amount of support from the experienced service professionals who have been in the industry for the past 3+ years, who themselves might have come across a lot of students/friends who had to suffer due to lack of funds for a basic necessity like books. Books10Solutions thus wants to put forward a notion to all individuals out there, in regards to funding books for at-least one student every year.

For example, if you fund the books of a student studying in the 5th semester, then the same books will be used by the 3rd semester students next year. So simply put, this chain of kindness will go on forever, but the most amazing thing is to realize how many needy students would be benefited due to such an event in place. As we say at Point10, we are just a medium through which others can be benefited.

We would be appointing such needy students, (who will be getting the benefits from this project) as Books10 Project Consultants. They will hold that position for 1 year. During that period we will personally monitor their progress and make them believe that the way we are helping you, you should help others whenever you get a chance to do so. Giving these students the much necessary platform, environment and the resources would help them in terms of stepping a foot in the industry and being competitive.

Books10Solutions web portal is a platform where students can easily find the books that they require and also sell their old books to other students. We would be developing a database and try to build up a Web2.0 type application for students to register, have their own account, browse for their required books, look through the profiles of students who are willing to sell their books etc to encompass a complete eco-system.

We want to create an Ecosystem where everyone thinks that proactively they should put in some efforts to help others. Thus we plan on designating a first batch of students as Books10 Project Consultants to help us build the database, promote our ideology in various colleges and more importantly start growing this dream of ours with all their efforts.

Even as we speak, the Books10 project is gaining momentum. We already have a number of people who have come forward voluntarily and have agreed upon funding 1 student for 1 year. We expect the current number of 25 such pro-active members to grow exponentially as many more will get interested in this project of funding books.

Books10.Org project is our step towards Social Empowerment. We want to involve as many people as possible. We want pro-active members who can share our vision and help us bring our dream to reality.

We look forward to a collaborative effort from all of you.

Best Regards
Point10Solutions Team


  1. Interesting..

    One word..

    I also want to be part of it

  2. Both of your concepts, the and are really awesome. I appreciate that somebody came forward to resolve those problem that we have faced in our academics. Your efforts to implementing these in India are remarkable.
    I wish you get the success in this social cause. I would be happy to become a part of this.

  3. Very happy to see someone taking the initiative for helping student without any selfishness.This will help us to build a strong society which in turn will help to build a great Nation. I would like to "Fund BOOKS FOR 1 STUDENT FOR 1 YEAR" I wish you all the success. I would love to be a part of this

    Manoj Mittal
    Manager- process
    i-10 International

  4. This initiative is really going to make a remarkable difference in the thinking of youth in our society.It's indeed a noble cause to help people without any self-interest.I am excited to be a part of this movement towards building a great nation.

  5. I always knew that you would do something different in your life. This is truly something which is out-of-the-box and will help our society..

    "This is as good an idea that Bill Gates had for windows, here you are developing the amazing world of Good people"

  6. Amazing work done Jatin !. Applaud for your movement & momentum of your noble cause. This will surely help to transform our country with empowered leaders & noble citizens. Keep up the pace & focus - Lead India.


  7. One word awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    Jay ho. I would love to be a part of this:)

  8. That sounds good.

    However, i have one comment. From my point of view, students should be charged for the books in order to maintain feeling of ownership.

    It should be affordable price, but enough to encourage judged decisions.


  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. It is certainly a zealous attempt to reincarnate our education system.
    But still, there remains a question: "What if the syllabus/course is revised?" And this generally happens after every 3-5 years of interval. I hope you must have given a thought to it as well.
    Anyways, i must conclude saying that even i would be privileged to be a part of this new beginning of a renaissance.

    Shaurya (Biz Consultant).