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Friday, March 20, 2009

Books10Solutions - Our Progress !

We have received unimaginable response from all over the world for our vision. We would like to thank all the people who really believed in our ideology and guided us on our endeavors. Please keep the suggestions coming as we look forward to improvising our dreams.
1.Our technical team (Hiren Panchasara (San Jose, California), Harshal Patel (Ahmedabad, Gujarat), and Dharmesh Kubavat (New York City, New York) is working very hard to get our initial message on the web asap.

2.Since we are getting many valuable suggestions and feedback we had to redesign some of the functionalities.

3. Our initial message will at least include the following:
> Our Management Team - Our team.
> Advisory Board – We would like to invite prominent people from the Industry and Education fraternity to come forward and be a part of our ideology and guide us.
> Books10 Project Consultants – This includes students whom we would be helping by funding the books and the students who want to be part of our ideology.
> Contributors – People who have contributed to this project by funding the books for students or giving any other help.
> Acknowledgement – People who are helping us in our projects.
> Student registration – Students can register here and share their problems/concerns with us.
> I want to contribute section – You can click on the various buttons to let us know how you want to be part of this ideology.

4. "Fund Books for 1 Student for 1 Year" message is spreading. Till now the count is 65 and is increasing everyday. We would list all the names in the portal once its ready. Ideally we wanted to launch the portal on 20th March. But due to some additional valuable suggestions (for good) it may take another week or so. Meanwhile students can send email to us for any suggestions.

5. Also we would like to invite Young Professionals to come forward and be a part of our ideology. We would be more than happy to help them with the project plan and how to go about it!

6. We are extremely thankful to Ms. Shraddha Singh to publish our story in Ahd Mirror which really helped us to spread our ideology.
Nirma grads to fund needy students’ expense

7. Also we would like to thank Prof. Anil Gupta (IIM A), Dr. K Kotecha (Director – Nirma University), Mr. Sushil Handa (Founder – Claris Lifescieces), Mr. Hemant Pandey (CMD – Deepak Cements), Mr. Hiren Patel (MD – Nirma Ltd.), Mr. Nitesh Jain (Sr. Journalist - YourStory.In), Mr. Dayananda (DNA), and Vinita Deshmukh mam (Editor – Intelligent Pune) for all their constant support and help.

Best Regards

Point10Solutions Team

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